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Our Wellness area is born within the structure and is totally private, free and at your disposal for both the overnight and Day Spa formula. It is in fact equipped with all comforts to offer a unique atmosphere and well-being to all those who want to take care of the body and spirit. You can relax in the 8-jet chromotherapy whirlpool tub, relieve tension in the infrared sauna and benefit from an air rich in mineral salt ions thanks to the wall covered with pink Himalayan salt. It is a space entirely dedicated to mental and physical rest in which to spend pleasant moments amidst soft lights and natural sounds.


Hydromassage tub: tub for two, 8 hydromassage jets, Hydrosilent technology, self-cleaning sanitizing system, chromotherapy.


Infrared sauna: innovative version of the traditional steam sauna. It offers all the advantages of a modern sauna: audio system that will allow you to listen to relaxing music and chromotherapy led lighting for a guaranteed atmosphere. Since the carbon panels do not heat the environment, the diffused dry heat is soft and at a temperature that gradually rises without exceeding 60 °. This is why infrared sauna sessions are highly recommended for the most sensitive people, not suited to the sultry atmosphere of traditional saunas. Lower but at the same time effective, the temperature in the infrared sauna will detoxify the body and relax the muscles.


Himalayan salt wall: The Himalayan salt bricks are made of natural rock salt, they give the pleasure of contact with nature with significant health benefits. Himalayan salt is used to rebalance the pH of the skin, it is a pure salt, composed of 84 natural elements and trace elements, precious for our balance, it contains the energy our body needs. The negative ions that are released from the salt create a cool, clean and bacteria-free environment. The salt wall is fully backlit to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere.


EQUIPMENT (included in the booking both with overnight stay and with Day Spa):

  • Spa kit with bathrobe, bath towel, disposable waterproof slippers
  • Access to the herbal tea area
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