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Ronciglione is one of the most important historical and tourist centers that are located near Lake Vico. It extends between the rolling hills of the volcanic lake about 22 km from Viterbo and 50 km from Rome, at a height of 441 m. Pleasant walks are possible in the medieval village. The historic heart of the town has kept its original appearance almost unchanged. You can see the houses and the various monuments built with the typical tuff bricks.


Church of Santa Maria della Provvidenza

Our "journey" to discover Ronciglione leads us to discover the Church of Santa Maria della Provvidenza. It dates back to the 11th century and only in 1742 did it change to its current name (previously it was called Sant'Andrea). The change was due to the discovery of an image of a Madonna and Child, following restoration work. You can admire the effigy on the high altar.



Almost in the center of the village stands the majestic Cathedral, built in 1671 in honor of San Pietro and Santa Caterina. It houses numerous works of art among which the left altar, made with polychrome marble and a fifteenth-century triptych by Gabriele di Francesco depicting the blessing Saint Savior and placed on the right altar stand out.


Sant'Andrea Church

Worth seeing is the Gothic Church of Sant’Andrea built in the twelfth century. Today only some parts remain, including fragments of marble columns and capitals, the external structure and the bell tower built in 1436.


La Rocca (or the Torrioni)

The Rocca ("I Torrioni") was built in the early Middle Ages by the Prefects of Vico, to guard the only natural access to the city, and in the following centuries it often changed ownership, destination and shape. It underwent the major changes in its appearance when it was under the ownership of the Della Rovere family at the behest of Pope Sixtus IV. In fact, 4 mighty towers were added, on each corner, and a keep, all with a circular base. Thanks to these changes the castle was popularly called "I Torrioni".

It was a cultural and political center of a certain importance, so much so that it was a place of residence for some illustrious personalities. Later it passed under the dominion of the Holy See, and since it was sold in 1756 to the Genoese Girolamo Marè, the castle was slowly abandoned.


Sister Mariangela Virgili House Museum

In the most characteristic corner of Piazza degli Angeli in the Borgo di Sotto, stands one of the most interesting monuments in the historic center of Ronciglione: the Ferretti Palace, home of the Virgili family. The palace, which still today has a noble coat of arms on the entrance door, a large Renaissance window and an older mullioned window, houses on the second floor the apartment once inhabited by the family of the Venerable Mariangela Virgili, Carmelite Tertiary of the Ancient Observance, on whose person a beatification process is underway, in which the Mariangela Virgili Cultural Association has been an actress since 1986.

The house is nothing more than an ancient and typical 17th century house which still retains the original stairs, walls and wooden doors still functioning today, as well as part of the furnishings and devotional objects, testifying to a very important extra-liturgical cult, practically unique in Italy. The house has been a House-Museum for years now, which is constantly being cared for and maintained by the C.M.V. The walls are covered with a particular tapestry, made up of a considerable number of votive offerings (17th-20th century) and photographs. The house also houses the books of signatures and graces preserved since 1910, which record the thousands of visitors and devotees from all over Italy.

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