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In order of distance from our Relais


Sutri and the Roman amphitheater (at 6.3 km)

Vico lake. Area with beach and services (at 7.3 km)

Caprarola and Palazzo Farnese (at 9.3 km)

Villa Lante (at 21.1 km)

Secular beech forest of Soriano nel Cimino (at 22.1 km)

Viterbo (at 23 km)

The Baths of the Popes (at 25.9 km)

The ghost town of Canale Monterano (at 32.7 km)

The village of Calcata (at 34.8 km)

Lake Bracciano (at 36.6 km)

The park of monsters in Bomarzo (at 38.9 km)

Bolsena Lake (at 50 km)

The dying city of Civita di Bagnoregio (at 50.9 km)


In our Relais you will find a detailed tourist guide in both digital and paper format.

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